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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apa telah aku lakukan ..omaigot...(**o)

Back then a few days later, i donno y my mouth swindler n so ease tell somthing to dat boi..(new officer here)..i just keep telli'n..n telli'n him everything...what am I doing actually????saying about this people, dat people.,,anywhere people, evrywhre people...omai..omai...what a bad actions here...Im x dat type of person, but y suddenly i change?? i think better he find out himself rather than e iteeling hin everything it unnecessary (scandal of previous officer? attitude of dat personas??, corruption?? my feeling entering here, unrespected staff)..omaiiiiiiiiiiii..too much dijot..too much of dat...from now on, u better keep your mouth all adding bad value n bad perception of who u are, eventough u r not...let him know by himself...( i guess im telling him becoz i concern, i dont want him to regret entering here, n guess sharing is caring heh :D menyedapkan hatiku ini) more open aib orang...

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