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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emotional state ; 'o not well..

Whoa...the title of my n3 today seems critical 4 my psychological state..i am emotionally an physically hurt by this environment..why i am saying this? i try 2 bear, try 2 pretend that i dont care..but i can't..being me in this situation just like letting my heart 2 bleed. it was a deep cut u who??

First--2 be an Officer u have to be tough..strict..n unfriendly
2nd- i am promoted from 17 to 41...(people that usually close 2 me have 2 faced the reality that i am their boss now..) eventhough there is no respect at respect n i have to cry inside,,,
3rd- i heard my superior..said that 'nevermind, nevermind,,shes only contract..shes can do anything..just order her this n that'...(eventhough i am officerr that time)..n omaigot...I was 2 sad after all, hearing that word come from his mouth..he's not expecting me that i was there..n heard everything...

for the 1st matter, i'll elaborate 1 by 1:
TOUGH//STRICT//UNFRIENDLY -Do we have to act like this? really?? i'll answer YES..why??working in this sector, as a human nature, people seldom think that they are the very best no matter a boss, this criteria should be taken seriously. create some gab for them 2 listen 2 u..2 respect u...2 accept ur voice..they will never understand why boss have to act like this..n the reason is create appropriate environment..whereby, theres a people that u relying on, 2 help u, 2 pass their sincerity in helping u...n whtever good deed they should contribute

2nd matter - usually people are resist under some circumstances. they have no respect since they know that u are new..u dont know much,,and yet, i try to live/ work in a wound that were caused by them..

3rd matter-i think superior/boss should play their role. instead of having u as an officer, they should promote ur image. should tolerate 2 staff that u are now "pegawai" but now..seems he's da 1 who create that stigma, forever life I will hate him....silently

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