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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How sad I am to be in this state. Yes I am really sad. I never thought it would end like this. We are having close relationship for about 8 years, and I just cant stand it anymore. The feeling is weird. I am totally independent, and he did nothing to help me.NOTHING. I am on my own. I am going everywhere on my own, eat on my own and faced my problems with my ownself. I was really upset with his financial level. First, second, third, forth and fifth years I was really blind. “forgive” with giving him chance by chance. And, sixth and seventh years, still try to forgive, trying to say to my ownself that give him another chance..and finally in the mid of eighth years..myself is like talking to me.until when?? You give him too many chances! You help him too much! You sacrifice everything! You give everything!from first, you help him. Financially, emotionally, -support--, but why cant he did the same as yours?
Damn! I feel like I can let it go now. He isn’t worth. The memories that we have together isnt worth at all. I am nobody to sacrifice everything until I die. I am not holy girlfriend that can do supergirl job to only help mr. boyfie. A have my limit..

Sedih. Nak menangis Cuma tak terkeluar. Siapa yang tak sayang perhubungan selama 8 tahun? Dah banyak sangat aku berkorban sampai aku fikir aku ni siapa?bukan malaikatnya yang serba serbi sempurna tapi aku sentiasa ada untuk dia. Kenapa dia tak pernah ada untuk aku? tak pernah sedikit pun ada..
(Allah sedang menguji hambanya)

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