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Monday, November 1, 2010

career talk..

career talk? whoa, adventourous, exciting and yet booo-ring ;p..again im pickin' up da picko issue on da gleamy warmy nite..
urm, again, talkin' about FB, so 'puaka' dat media! haha, oways got my intention in dis limited space~ commented on my frens shout ' outstation at puchong, hotel?erm...;) ' urggh..come' on...
i was working at my current workplace 4 almost 2 years.  u guess im sitting relax on my chair? nope..i've been handling northern region for a week!! not only that, i've been handlin 4&5 star hotel > than 70 pple..omai...u guess what??
i even handling PICC, PWTC, n MOSTI events. not also that, i just back from himalaya, outstation 4 viewing an aborigin lifestyle..
what else?? emceeing at hilton hotel? handling event at putrajaya garden lake?? dats 2 many that i dont shout on FB>this pple...haiyya...maybe sharing their excitement for 1st being in outstation mode...hahaha..;p totally pathetic!
(im writing with evil, n arrogant style bcoz some1 hijacking my mode!)

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