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Monday, November 1, 2010

cuple make trouble?

Pretty exciting ha? da topics is really hot to discuss. by now, my mode was hijack by a statement dat comes from my BF brother..
i think such a young age 2 commented on dat way. let me explain why? not a good narrator or blast commentar either..i dont see why in such a young age teens chasing on love.? too mature for it or immature when you cant take care of yourself, but u r selling the words of promise, feelings, to ur couples. can u take care of yourself?? even ur stuff, mama will bought 4 it..what a whack 2 negate my advice. i dont see the relevance there. yet, teens nowadays, without any feeling of shamefullness, uncovered da true story of themselves in a way of they think they will be the sweetiest couple just worried how they act in public. yurks! (sekolah xabis lagi, ckp bnde geli2)..that was a truly blast@! pick 1 of the geli2 statement:

cayang: mucukkkkk...
^%%$: indu mucuk?//

Halooooo......too embarassing for me as i am an outsider but closedly related. im x stereo in this agenda, its reflect other teens as well. i dont get it why its too cheap in terms of their attitude, their psycho being? disgrace of humanity definitely: SHAMEFULL

n then, capturing the 'PERASAN' picture..with free styler, n most, it was captured by themselves..urgh..disguisting..misnomer of a sicko habit..

At this age, where u should cocentrate, where the whole family rely on u teens, u should be respect to their humble request. u should prove to them. u dont just hang around, loves+couple, study like u were play+DOTA...again, humble request by family is the pivotal actions that u must obey..
I am an outsider, i just want this family change...change a litle maybe, but help me to get redeem, 2 challenge me in this state. where i was the best public speaker in ministry, where i was a dean list in university...where i pursue a master degree,,,do challenge me my lil brother...

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